QAD Southeastern
User Group


Policies regarding this service:

  1. The QAD SEUG JOB Posting Web-page is only to be used to post open positions. It is not intended to be a résumé posting service.
  2. Career posting opportunities are FREE for User Group Members and $50 for non-members.  For non-members, payment is required in advance (VISA, MC, or AMEX accepted).  Postings are limited to 20 lines of text. Please submit your listing to:
  3. The Board of Directors reserves the right to reject submissions when it deems them unsuitable.  No advertising will be allowed.
  4. SEUG assumes no responsibility regarding the positions posted, nor the suitability of applicants who may apply as a result of these postings.
  5. Simple HTML embedding is acceptable (e-mail tags, web site links, etc.), but please don't make a web design project out of your posting.
  6. A six-month "sunset date" may be enforced.
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